If you are searching for a book, a training or change program about Transformational Sales, you don't have to look any further. MPCN founder dr Marian Dingena is  co-author of this book publication. The book is written together with Philip Kotler and Dr. Waldemar Pfoertsch. The brand-new concept of Transformational Sales is elaborated in this book and is integrated in a practiccle and applicable way in our seminars, training sessions and commercial change programs at our client companies. Feel free to contact us in case you would like to explore what this could mean in your organization.


About Transformational Sales 

The book explains how to create strategic transformation in business through the collaboration between suppliers and their strategic customers.  In this book it is all about guiding organizational change and business transformation. Companies who choose for this approach can make a significant difference with strategic customers, moving beyond the competition. 

Book Launch at RSM, Erasmus University Rotterdam-The Netherlands

During an invitational seminar at Rotterdam School of Management the book was presented and discussed. Guestspeakers were prof. dr. Waldemar Pfoertsch and prof. dr. Frank Rozemeijer. Interactive workshops were facilitated by dr. Marian Dingena and Faust Mertens.


Co-author and renowned marketing professor Philip Kotler said:

“Our book provides striking insights which demonstrate that thinking in terms of transformational sales has an impact and is here to stay' 

Tailored Transformational Sales programs for your organisation?

We provide workshops and action learning programs tailored to your specific situation. You may contact us to start the conversation with the MPCN team.

Further book information 

This management book integrates academic insights, real life examples and best practices of business transformation. It is a must-read for business leaders aiming to make a difference. This brand new book, called Transformation Sales, exists out of 162 pages and is published by Springer International Publishing.