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    Are you wondering how to realize commercial change?

Are you wondering how to deal with rapid market change? Would you like to strengthen your commercial leadership? Do you realize the full potential in collaboration with your strategic customers? Would you like to make your key account management work? 

Questions about commercial change and growth potential may be the starting point for a conversation with the MPCN team. In collaboration with our customers we design, develop and deliver customized change programs and customized interventions to inspire commercial leadership  and drive commercial innovation in business-to-business markets. 

Our core activities are action learning programs, business coaching and independent research. Our expertise is in the following areas: Strategic Customer Management, Commercial Innovation and Adaptive Business Strategy. Feel free to contact us to discuss your questions or challenges.


Dialogue on new market and sales realities

In collaboration with Rotterdam School of Management, an invitational seminar was organized  to launch our new publication Transformational Sales.Speakers were Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pfoertsch, Prof. Dr. Frank Rozemeijer, Faust Mertens and  Dr. Marian Dingena. Additionally Ivo Rook (Vodafone) and Theo Verweerden (DSM) shared best practices.