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    We cannot predict future business, but we can embrace signals of change

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Open platforms enable 'hackable' furniture. How much value would be created if your customers could 'chop and change'?

District 2020: Welcome to Dubai's city of the future

HP and Deloitte boost 3D Printing for manufacturers

Is the end of car ownership in sight? Interesting overview of consumers inclination to use mobility on demand services throughout the world

Revenue streams of the five largest tech companies

Netflix's biggest competitor: Sleep

Exponential change: Shanghai: 450,000 shared bikes in the city streets, nearly all of which appeared in the past six months

Competitive strategy in the age of superabundant capital

The price of the bitcoin climbed above the price of one ounce of gold for the first time ever

B2B sales: how does your customer's buying process change in the digital age?

'Our customers are loyal to us right until the second somebody offers them a better service and I love that, it's super-motivating for us' (Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

The promise of augmented reality

Welcome to the internet of bikes

Smart collaboration: a strategic response to external change

7 Trends from CES 2017 that will change our lives forever

 Are you solving the right problems or could you effectively reframe and focus on purpose instead?


Top-20 2016

Amazon opens 'check out free' stores

Europe's emerging digital industries

5 Social media trends that will change the game in 2017

Fundamental shift in professional services

Strategic collaboration Intel and Luxottica to jointly 'redefine the way athletes train'

An emotional connection matters more than customer satisfaction

Know your Customer's jobs to be done

How will Chatbots engage with your Customers?

Could adding IoT technology to your products increase your customer's value experience?

What is genuine customer value to you? We need to come to new value definitions in this phygital world

Robots are walking out of the labs, how will this trend impact your (customer's) business in the coming years?

Are you ready to let go of what made your company great?

In many markets traditional value chains are displaced by value networks and platforms: The Platform Revolution. Interesting Read

City Touch: Vodafone and Philips join forces for connected lighting and smart city services

Hilton has put IBM Watson-powered robot on reception to answer guest queries

GE expands into industrial analytics

World Economic Forum: The 10 skills you need to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution

Online retailer Alibaba's goal is to raise revenue outside China to 50%

How technology and a changing perpective on human resources will affect the workplace and the way we work

The phygital workforce: At Hitachi productivity increased 8% by Human and AI cooperation



Top-10 2015

Meet Blade: a 3D printed sports car with significant lighter footprint

Envision your children working until 100

Google: Sidewalk Labs: making cities connected places

3D Printing: Paris air show: the printed plane nears take off

Humanoid robot on sale to public in Japan 

A force for good:  hiring people to bake brownies or baking brownies to hire people?

Digital Currency  

Internet-of-things: new meaning of toothbrushing routines

Automotive manufacturer Tesla,  entering the building industry

The new CEO’s guide to transformation 




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