What is commercial innovation?

Commercial Innovation includes all forms of innovation aimed at increasing customer value. It is about changing and improving the value offering or business model of a particular organization aimed at increasing value for chosen target customers as compared to alternatives these customers may consider. Increased customer value may be realised by either increasing the benefits as perceived by target customers, or reducing their experienced sacrifices.

Commercial innovation goes beyond technological or product innovation and may include redefining the market you are in, a new vision on business potential, new business or market entry models, a different perspective on market segmentation or an innovative value offer or value proposition.

These value elements may include improved products and services, customer specific tools, instruments or apps, better aligned processes, competencies and human resources, customer specific information and business or market intelligence, different payment or contractual models or improved asset utilization,  and different engagement- and relationship models or network resources.

Action learning programs

With our action learning programs and business coaching interventions we encourage our customers to embrace market change and strengthen their commercial innovation processes. This leads to the discovery of value innovation opportunities, customer innovation, innovative value propositions, sustainable market advantage, and business and personal success. By doing so we inspire our customers to make a real difference in business and society.

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Within our recent book publications: Transformational Sales and Key-account management attention is paid to innovation with your strategic customers.