Information technology is rapidly expanding into new parts of the business and society. The physical and digital world are increasingly merging into a new ‘phygital’ world. For example the 'internet of things' changes how companies monitor production and manage physical assets, how customer experiences are enriched and how cities and urbanities become smart and connected. Additionally artificial intelligence, smart materials and robots change the way we live and work together. Within business relations, enabled by information technology, value can be created beyond traditional company borders.

In many markets, traditional value chains are enriched or displaced by value networks or value platforms. For commercial business leaders this era requires a new definition of what customer value means. Moving from transactions to business transformation and platform collaboration. Contributing in a genuine way to customer’s (customers) business performance and even society as a whole.

Within the Beyond Competition Research foundation, one of the projects in our Research Program 2020 is the topic of: genuine customer value in a phygital world.

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