Revisit your b2b strategy in time 

In today’s rapidly changing market reality it is not about strategic plans, but rather about adaptive strategic planning and adaptive business strategies. To create adaptive strategies our people and our organisations need to remain flexible or agile and we need to be prepared to challenge our existing business assumptions. To make sure we do not become complacent and stay meaningful we have to find ways to revisit our success stories and critically review our  ‘blockbusters’ before someone else does. In many cases joining forces with carefully selected strategic customers or other parties in the value network or platform can be helpful in this process. It is important to realize that we can not predict the future based upon our past experience, but we can embrace signals of change. In sessions with your commercial leadership team we can support you in mapping these signals that arise around us and develop business scenarios and a set of customized navigational tools.

Through our customized action learning programs and business coaching interventions we can help your commercial leadership team(s) to be better prepared to pave the path along the business journey. Realizing there will be many different options for reaching a destination and even shifting destinations based upon what we learn along the way.

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